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Dear Visitor!
Our company is an Official Dealer Peptides Russia, we commercialize bio additives since 2013 all over the world. The efficiency of Russian bio additives discovered by Professor Khavinson  has echoed not only throughout Russia, where mostly famous sportsmen, singers and public people has advertised it’s effects, but also Europe, USA and China. Most notably in China,  where bio additives and oriental medicine have been the primary type of care since historical times. If China recognizes Russian Anti-age bio additives, that must mean something in terms of product quality.

The most famous anti-age peptides by Professor Khavinson are Endoluten. Peptides, included in 'Endoluten', apply selective action to neuroendocrine system cells, normalize metabolism in epiphysis cells and melatonin secretion, regulate hormonal metabolism, and have regulatory effect to epiphysis and and over the entire body. 'Endoluten' is one of the most effective remedies to increase life expectancy and delay presenilation processes, since it acts as an  endogenous melatonin inductor to human organism.

To buy any product, you need to select the required item and transfer its cost to the sender (our manager will guide you how to do it easily). We have included the commission for the i-national money transfer directly in the price, so that you need not to worry about this issue anymore. We will ship the product on the same day  to your address by fast track post. The easiest way to order and address any questions you may have is via whatsapp, telegram or viber at +7 985 728 58 52.

We have shipped peptides to USA, Europe and Asia. Typically the shipment reaches the addressee within 3 weeks.

We are delighted to serve you and would be most grateful for your reviews of our service and of your experience of our products and effects on your health.

Thank you,
Peptides team Russia!

*Due to Russian law policy related to online sales of bio additives, Visa and MasterCard are not allowed, we propose alternative ways as PayPal, Korona, Western Union, Web money, Ymoney etc..


  • Revilab ML 04 (Ревилаб Мл-04)

    3950,00 руб
  • Revilab ML 01 (Ревилаб Мл-01)

    3950,00 руб
  • "Эндолутен", 20 / 60 капсул

    4100,00 руб
    Кол-во капсул:
  • Revilab ML 08 (Ревилаб Мл-08)

    3950,00 руб


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